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Katie Dunagan was born and raised in Central Florida. While growing up, her father owned and operated a landscape business and plant nursery and her mother was a social worker.

Katie was awarded the Florida Academic Scholars Award to attend Florida State University. Katie graduated from Florida State University in 2005 with a Bachelors of Science in Interior Design with a minor in Business.

After college, job opportunities brought Katie to Atlanta, where she worked as a Corporate Interior Designer at VeenendaalCave, specializing in office and industrial buildouts. Since the birth of her daughter in 2015, Katie has worked as a contract Interior Designer and AutoCAD Specialist.

Katie met her husband Andy, an Insurance Broker in Atlanta, and they were married in 2010. Katie and Andy have been home owners in the Ashford Park neighborhood of Brookhaven since 2009 when they purchased their first home on Parkridge Drive. As their family grew, they moved to Skyland Drive. Katie and Andy have two children, Colton and Quinn.

Thanks to her children, Katie is very familiar with all the local parks and with Ashford Park Elementary. During baseball, softball, and football seasons, Katie can be found cheering on her children at Murphey Candler Park where her husband Andy coaches and is on the baseball board. She loves playing with her kids at neighborhood parks and in their front yard, as well as walking their family dog, Lucy, through the beautiful Brookhaven neighborhoods.

Katie is a member of Peachtree Presbyterian Church and loves decorating the neighborhood's mailboxes as part of Ashford Park Children's Healthcare of Atlanta mailbox brigade during the holiday season.


Overdevelopment is a mistake

I will always fight to make sure developments reflect the reasons why we created Brookhaven in the first place. The voices of Ashford Park and Brookhaven Fields residents were ignored by our current councilman when they expressed concerns with overdevelopment. Instead, developers who wanted to create dangerous traffic patterns and continue overbuilding in Brookhaven were given the green light. This is unacceptable.

This issue also speaks to the impact that poor planning on the part of Brookhaven will have on our local parks and schools. Continued overbuilding means we are flooding our schools - which are already near or over capacity - with more students. It is not fair to those new students, nor is it fair to current ones.

Unlimited Political Power is Unacceptable

The City Council erred in trying to give the mayor unlimited terms; political power is not an entitlement. When we founded Brookhaven less than a decade ago, it was to return power back to homeowners in our neighborhoods. We were tired of the unaccountable leadership in Decatur at the county level.

The current city councilman voted in favor of handing his buddy unlimited power as mayor. This is unacceptable. You should have every expectation that you - the residents of Brookhaven - will always have the power in our city. The term limits were put in place to prevent political dynasties, and I will always fight for your power over politicians.

We must keep Brookhaven safe

I will ensure our public safety officers have the tools to stop Atlanta crime in Brookhaven. We should never have to fear walking down the street or taking our children to the park. The recent stabbing of a pregnant woman who was walking with her young child is not only shocking. It is infuriating!

Crime in Atlanta is beginning to bleed over into Brookhaven. This is our current priority, and from day one I will fight to make sure the City Council takes this issue seriously.

Stormwater infrastructure must be invested in

Our city's parks and neighborhoods lose their value without proper infrastructure investments. Stormwater runoff is a problem that must be addressed. We cannot keep ignoring these investments, because the issue will not just go away.

Instead of fighting for these improvements, our current city councilman fought to purchase greenspace that backs up to his own property. Meanwhile, other homeowners continue to suffer during heavy rains.